Yogatailor | Visual Design

visual design for mobile app, website, and chrome extension


Company: Yogatailor is a yoga app that creates customized yoga and meditation programs based on user preferences and goals. 

Challenge: How do you keep users motivated to continue doing yoga or meditations? How do you validate their behavior to create lifestyle changes? 

Role: Visual Design Intern. As a visual designer at Yogatailor, I worked closely with the UX designer and the developer to create a visually appealing and engaging mobile app for iOS. UI redesign for mobile app. My work includes:

  • UI design for mobile app
  • icon redesign for branding consistency
  • chrome extension to expand the brand
  • website redesign

UI Design for mobile app

The redesign was the biggest project during the summer when I interned here. One of the main challenges was that the app, like many other consumer fitness apps out there, would get downloads but not retention. So, working with the UX designer, we brainstormed ideas to increase returning engagement with the app. Our steps to progress included: initial research for engagement strategies and competition analysis, whiteboard sketching sessions, wireframes, low-fidelity mockups, prototype using Sketch, and then finally high-fidelity mockups in Illustrator after a lot of iteration along the way. After this process, I created documentation and assets for the designs and worked directly with the developer to bring these ideas to life. Below are some of the final screens for the app:

Icon Redesign

As part of the redesign process for the mobile app, I also updated the icons inside the app to maintain branding consistency. 


Chrome Extension Design

I designed a chrome extension called "PRESENT by yogatailor" that would replace new tab. The goal of the extension is to make mindfulness accessible by providing a short meditation or yoga exercise idea and an inspirational quote. Being present is an important part of meditation, which is why this chrome extension was created to extend the company values as a yoga/meditation app.

Website Design

I also worked on the website design to make the flow of getting users signed up much faster with a simplified and focused UI. Below are before and after screenshots of the design.