Yelp Redesign | Interaction Design


Yelp Redesign

Personal Project | Interaction Design

Tools Used: Sketch, Framer


I do not work for Yelp. I mainly pursued this as a project because I wanted to practice my prototyping skills using Framer.



I began this project by talking to users with varying levels of engagement with Yelp to try to understand why they use the app and how they engage with it. My main findings:

  1. ENGAGEMENT: Many users rarely, if ever, write reviews even though reviews are what make Yelp so useful.
  2. PARADOX OF CHOICE: Although they love how easy it is to find a great quantity of places, actually choosing one can be difficult.
  3. TRUST: Some users felt that they couldn't trust some of the reviews. For example, one user noted that he often saw restaurants he actually likes being rated 3 stars or ones he didn't like being rated 4.5 stars and up.



How might we address these issues of engagement, choice, and trust in creating a more delightful experience for Yelp users? 

 (some of the sketches and brainstorming)

(some of the sketches and brainstorming)

Sketching Out Ideas

 (a few of the low fidelity wireframes)

(a few of the low fidelity wireframes)



Rewarding Engaging Behaviors

The more people who post reviews, the more helpful Yelp becomes. But most people never post reviews. How might we get more people engaged in this way?

Just as Spotify can start learning a user's music tastes, could Yelp learn its users business preferences (such as restaurants)? The more someone posts reviews, the more Yelp will be able to learn about that user's tastes and be able to make better recommendations. This makes the value of writing reviews clearer.



Improving Bookmarks Experience: Adding to Collection

The current bookmark collection is one way for users to narrow down their choices so I decided to focus on improving this feature.

But there are a couple issues: this function is hard to access and the option to organize bookmarks is also not immediately clear. My goal was to make this feature more accessible.


choice copy.png

Improving the Bookmarks Experience: Choosing from Collection

Now that the user has discovered how to add bookmarks to a collection, how can we make the actual collection more useful in aiding the user in making decisions?

First, the ability to randomize a collection, kind of like shuffling a playlist, could be a fun way to use the collection to make a decision. 

Second, displaying more photos when using the randomize function can also visually aid the user in remembering why they bookmarked this business in the first place. 


Project still in progress! to be continued...