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Product Designer | Corporate Wellness Platform

Tools Used: Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Invision



FitBliss is a corporate wellness solution built on the Salesforce platform. Some of the main problems I focused on was (1) how to design a wellness-focused web app that can drive end-user retention but also cater to business needs and (2) how to measure success to understand what the next product release needs to include.


Although my main responsibilities were for product design and management of the web application and admin console, I am only showcasing the publicly available designs due to the NDA.


Website Design

Home Page

The previous home page of the site had 4 styles of text, left and right buttons for a carousel, and a call to action, making it unclear what the user is supposed to read or do. I simplified the design so that it's immediately apparent the mission of FitBliss.

Once the user gets a high-level overview of the why, the rest of the website gives an overview of the product, features, and testimonials to build trust and a basic understanding of the product.




Overview Page

The overview page used to consist of 5 different subpages that a viewer would have to click 5 times to get the whole picture. My goal was to streamline this process so that a more detailed overview can be condensed into one page. I worked with the CEO to figure out what content can be removed and what needed to be modified so that the whole story of the product solution can be laid out in a way that is quickly digested.

We concluded that the three most important pillars of the platform was the community, the lifestyle-fit, and the accomplishments. I then created mockups with zoomed in features that support those three pillars.






This page serves to highlight and attract strategic partnerships with other companies. While the previous website design had included why such a partnership would be beneficial for both parties, I added photos of people along with their testimonials to add a human-touch to this page. My other goal was to clean up the formatting so that the layout stays consistent across all three partnership brands which makes it easier for viewers to know where to find the information they are most interested in learning about.




Marketing Design

USA Today Ad

This was an ad that was placed on the cover of the USA today Employee Wellness issue. It was also distributed at various HR conferences in the United States in the Fall of 2016. 


Tradeshow Banner

This was the banner that was used at tradeshows and conferences. Since there are usually many booths and people, we wanted to create a banner that was eye-catching at the first glance. Since the top half of the banner is the one more people are going to see from farther away, I wanted to use that space to capture why FitBliss does what it does with bolded, powerful words: inspired, motivated, and engaged. The bottom half of the banner is a more detailed view into "how" we support the "why" through our platform.

download (1).png


This design was used as the banner image for the Salesforce AppExchange listing to give a quick overview on product features.

download (2).png