AlikeAudience Old


Company: AlikeAudience is a mobile data management platform with a focus in Asia.

Challenge: How do you make big data insightful for marketers and publishers?

Role: UI/UX Design Intern. I worked with the rest of the team when the company was part of the Plug and Play innovation platform program. Some of my work includes:

  • UI/UX design for web app
  • pamphlet for marketing and trade shows

UI/UX design for web app

When I first started at AlikeAudience, I was unfamiliar with data management platforms, big data, and advertising agencies/publisher ecosystems as a whole. Therefore, the first steps I took before I even started on the design process was to get a better understanding of the space, which included understanding who the customer was and what kind of analyzed data they need to see. I also researched more into data visualization since much of my work before this did not involve large data sets. 

After getting a clearer sense of the who and why I'm designing, I started analyzing the kind of big data that was being pulled in to see how I can use design to clearly organize and gain insight into the data. Next, I began the process of wireframing, mockups, prototypes, etc. I then sent the documentation and assets to the developer so that the beta version can be used as a demo. 

Below are a few screens I designed. To keep the data confidential, these are just mockups with numbers that are not real.


Pamphlet Design

This printed pamphlet was used as marketing collateral. Because the content of the pamphlet is actually quite data heavy, I went with an infographic style design so that the information can be digested quickly and easily.